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How can I request the transport of animals?


Small domestic pets inside its own container (up to 8 kg) may travel in the cabin in a kennel, cage or waterproof bag allowing the animal to stand up, turn around and lie down. During the flight, the container may not be placed on the seats.

Flights operated by SATA Air Açores have transport limitations according to aircraft type: 2 animals in DASH 400, and 1 animal in DASH 200.

Animals inside its own container over 8kg must be checked in, and will be transported in their kennel in a heated compartment.

For security reasons, rodents should be transported in a rigid container and sealed system (which prevents accidental escape of the rodent) and pregnant females will not be accepted on board.

Information on the type of animal to be transported, the dimensions of its kennel and the total weight of both must be given at the time of reservation, which will be subject to later confirmation. The animal's updated veterinary documentation must be presented at check-in time. 

If the free baggage allowance is exceeded, animal transport fees (see excess luggage fees) will be charged at the airport.

The transport of animals on flights to/from England is not allowed. Passengers can transport animals (cats, dogs and ferrets only) to/from Ireland.
The transport of animals on WestJet flights is not allowed.

IATA recommendations currently prohibit birds and other domestic fowl from being brought on board the cabin.

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