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Press Releases

New SATA A330 CS-TRY aircraft

Following the Airbus A330 CS-TRY delivery process for the new SATA fleet, the Board of Directors of the SATA Group would like to inform that the aircraft has just departed from the Barajas Airport, in Madrid, to land on Ponta Delgada  approximately at 03:00pm (local time).

SATA improves flight schedule to Montreal

To meet its clients’ needs, particularly the Azorean community in Montreal, SATA will adjust its schedules for flights between Montreal and Ponta Delgada, ensuring a better quality of service and a higher level of connectivity between the islands of the Azores and the city of Montreal.

Airbus A330 delivery to SATA

Following the Airbus A330 delivery process for the new SATA fleet, the Board of Directors of the SATA Group would like to inform that the security and compliance checks and interventions necessary to integrate the air operator’s certificate in accordance with the requirements of the aviation authorities are in its final stages and the aircraft shall be delivered to SATA in the coming days.

António Portugal is the new spokesperson for SATA

António Portugal will be, from tomorrow [December 22nd] the new spokesperson for SATA, along with his current position of Ground Handling Operations Manager.

Paulo Menezes elected Charmain of the SATA Group

Paulo Menezes was elected Chairman of The SATA Group today, at the General Meeting.


SATA released its summer schedule in July, through a publication handed out aboard its aircrafts.

AATA’s website launch creates proximity to trainees and external entities

The Azores Aeronautical Training Academy (AATA) launched its website, a means of commincation of excellence and of corporate promotion, on the day of its 3rd anniversary.

Aircraft malfunction in Toronto

Damages caused to SATA’s aircraft cause flight cancellations to Pico Island

The connection between Lisbon and Pico Island, through flights S42141 and S42140, which should have been held this morning, was cancelled due to damages caused on the Airbus A320 CSTKK aircraft by entities other than SATA that will be held responsible in accordance with the applicable legislation.

SATA strengthens its summer operation

Due to the global increase of passengers travelling on SATA’s network, the Azorean airline resized its operation in order to satisfy the growing demand for its services.