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PTANA chooses SATA and the Azores

PTANA (Professional Travel Agents of North America) has chosen the Azores as the site for its 4th annual conference, scheduled for December 2012, and has recommended SATA as the airline to transport the conference’s attendees.

This choice – which was made unanimously – acknowledges SATA’s work in promoting the Azores, and is also an opportunity to showcase the features that make the island chain one of the world’s most engaging and beautiful destinations.

Azores Express, a PTANA member since 2009, and Be Travel Group have carried out a number of promotional initiatives with the organization, aimed at making its members aware of the great potential of the SATA brand and the Azores as a destination, by promoting them in the important North American market.

This event reinforces SATA’s strategy of increasing its brand awareness in the United States and drawing traffic to the Azores, as well as building on the existing partnerships in this market, such as the interline agreement between SATA and US Airways.

PTANA is a leading travel agent association with a number of offices throughout the United States. Every year, it gathers around eighty travel agents at a different chosen destination to host conferences promoting contact between business partners and covering topics involving travel and tourism.

The event to be held in the Azores will be sponsored by SATA, Be Travel Group and the Azores Tourism Association.