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Press Releases

Grupo SATA companies register positive results in 2012

In financial year 2012, the companies making up the SATA Group had a positive performance, contributing to a positive net consolidated result of 73 thousand euros for the Group.

SATA Chairman elected to the Board of the ERA

The Chairman of the SATA Group, António Menezes, has been elected member of the Board of ERA - European Regions Airline Association.

SATA is pioneer in the development of a computing platform

SATA Air Açores meets the legal obligations arising from the new integrated system of the means of transport and goods - SDS Via Aérea – of the National Tax and Customs Authority, standing out as the first and only operator, to date, interacting through messages transferred by "Webservices" with the SDS, whose volume of communication, from 1 January, already totalled an exchange of over 7000 messages.

SATA cancels flight between Ponta Delgada and Lisbon

The SATA International flight 129 that tonight was the connection between Lisbon and Ponta Delgada with 117 passengers on board suffered a problem - Tail  Strike - landing at John Paul II Airport.

SATA at BTL (International Tourism Exhibition of Lisbon) 2013

SATA will be present at the BTL – International Tourism Exhibition of Lisbon as part of its promotional strategy for the Destination Azores, having its own space integrated in the Azores stand. The set of special promotions to be offered includes trips at special fares created to be sold during the course of the event and prizes to be awarded in a daily game for visitors to the exhibition.

SATA announces promotional fares available on 45,000 seats between february and april

SATA continues its wager to live up to the expectations of Azoreans, by offering a set of promotional fares that are included in the “Last Minute” fare, which was launched at the beginning of January.


SATA launches low cost rate

As of today, SATA will be offering a new rate called "Last Minute", valid for all the islands of the Azores, which is only available on routes operated by SATA International, between the Azores and the Portuguese mainland.

New agreements with major airlines companies

The North American and European markets, especially Germany, play important roles in the strategy for broadening SATA’s offer and increasing the connectivity of the Azores with the outside world. With this goal in mind, SATA has been developing the establishment of partnerships with other companies, notably US Airways, Virgin America and WestJet, for the North American market, and Air Berlin for the German market.

New Flight schedule due general strike

SATA informs that due to the General Strike on November 14th, it has been forced to reschedule its operations on this day, taking into account the definition of ‘minimum services’.