Due to Winter Storm Juno - Northeast North America -, there will be a delay on flights S4 221 (Ponta Delgada to Boston), on Tuesday, January 27, and S4 220 (Boston to Ponta Delgada and Ponta Delgada to Lisbon), on Wednesday, January 28. For further information please contact our Contact Center at +351 296 20 97 20.
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How to Win Miles

Being a SATA IMAGINE member means you will have all sorts of advantages allowing you to earn more and more miles just by travelling with SATA.

Whenever you buy a ticket online you win 300 bonus miles for payments with credit card, or 500 miles for entity and reference payments.

You can also accrue miles through our Partnerships - a whole world of more SATA IMAGINE benefits.

For Miles Purchase

Are you missing miles for your desired prize? You can always buy those miles.
Minimum of miles per transaction: 1 block of 1.000 miles = €35

For Miles Transfer

You can also transfer your miles to another SATA IMAGINE member account.
Minimum of miles per transaction: 1 block of 1.000 miles = €20

Validity of miles: unlimited* time.
*If Bluesky and Silversky members don’t have any action over a period of 12 consecutive months, miles with more than 3 years will be cancelled.