To minimize the strike effects scheduled until may 15th, we suggest our clientes, specially departing from Terceira and Santa Maria, to arrive at the airport earlier for check-in.
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Some of the courses taught at the Azores Aeronautical Training Academy (AATA):

Pilot Training - Qualification Courses in Airbus

  • Type Rating Course Airbus A-320 and A-310;
  • Basic Flights - Basic Flights for Airbus A-320 and A-310

Initial Training of Cabin Crew

  • Initial Training Course;
  • Conversion Course;
  • Recurrent Training and Checking;
  • Refresher Training;
  • Senior Cabin Crew Course;
  • Cabin Safety Instructor Course.

Initial Training of Ground Crew

  • Commercial Employee Initial Training;
  • Initial Training for Ground Handling Operator;
  • Initial Training of Traffic Technician for Ground Handling.

Other Training

  • Automated External Defibrillator Training;
  • Basic Life Support Training;
  • Firefighting and Smoke Handling Training;
  • Human Factors Training.

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