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Travel during Pregnancy

Pregnancy up to 36 weeks

Pregnant passengers will not be accepted under the following conditions:
  • Delivery is expected within the next 4 weeks;
  • The time of pregnancy and the expected date of delivery are unknown;
  • Complications in delivery are expected.
A medical certificate is recommended for up 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Between 36 weeks and 7 days before the delivery due date, passengers will only be allowed to travel under the following conditions:

  • Presentation of a medical certificate issued within 7 days of the scheduled flight, stating how many weeks the passenger is pregnant and that she is able  to travel by airplane;
  • Signed liability agreement.

Delivery expected within the next 7 days:

  • Only in urgent and duly justified cases may the expectant mother be accepted.
  • The expectant mother shall be accompanied by someone with medical qualifications (qualified midwife or physician).

Pregnancy duration period shall be calculated based upon the date of the flight departure.