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Social Mobility Aid

CTT is the provider of the social mobility subsidy available to passengers covered under the air services between the Mainland and the Autonomous Region of Madeira, regulated by Decree No. 66/2008 of 9 April and Ordinance No. 316 - A 2008 of April 23.


Passengers with residence in Autonomous Region of Madeira that travel between Madeira Archipelago and Mainland.

Subsidy Amount

The aid amount is €60.00 per round trip between Madeira and Mainland and €30.00 per single journey, if the fare amount is equal to or less than these values it will not be paid.


The following documents must be presented at the time the aid payment is made:

Boarding pass;
Passenger identity card;
Passenger taxpayer card;
Document that proves the passenger's eligibility in the case of non-residence;
Receipt/bill with the folowing information:
  • Airline company code
  • Flight number
  • Flight date
  • Reservation code
  • Ticket number
  • Travel origin
  • Travel destination
  • Passenger name(first and last name)
  • Taxpayer number of the company/agency that sold the ticket
  • Receipt number
  • Ticket total amount
  • Fare amount without taxes

Online Receipt

Request your receipt online at www.sata.pt. The receipt will be sent to your email address after processing the request.

Electronic Ticket Changes

Whenever a reservation change involves the issuance of a new electronic ticket, another receipt must be requested using the new electronic ticket number.
If the reservation change does not involve an addition to the value of the ticket, the receipt will show the value of €0.00. In the case of issuing a new electronic ticket, all receipts must be presented to the payment provider entity (CTT).