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Flight status in real time

Flight Status


Know all about SATA’s flights status in real time

SATA improved its website’s flight status information service making it even more effective and complete.
The new service enables, in addition to consulting the status in real time, subscribing to notifications by email whenever a change in the status of the subscribed flight occurs.

The subscription can result from a flight search or be made in a single procedure when you already know the intended flight, functionality available for the day or any upcoming date.
You now have access to more detailed information on the intended flight such as warnings about weather forecast, your trip’s starting point and destination or the approximate aircraft positioning during the flight.

Email notifications about the subscribed flights will be sent whenever the following status take place: delay, departure, arrival, divergence and cancellation.

Access www.sata.pt and click on the “Flights” tab to experience the new features we created for you!