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12&12AGÁAbout us:
We are the creative and efficient response to all challenges.
The 12&12 AGA - Consulting, Rehabilitation and Works, Ltd. is a company that operates in the Azorean market since June 2014, in the civil construction, remodeling and rehabilitation areas, as well as in the maintenance of buildings.
We present solutions for individuals and companies, from designing a dream home for a family to an optimized and functional commercial space for the comfort of its customers.

The concept of 12&12 AGA accompanies innovation in the construction market, using modern materials and essential services in budgeting and work preparation, such as technical advice, survey of the work involved, amounts of charting, market consultation, creation of comparative maps and coordination of the work. We are a multidisciplinary and dynamic team with proper training for the correct management and implementation of the services that we propose.
We follow the effectiveness and efficiency of the work carried out and we are fully oriented to customer satisfaction.
We are committed to the quality of implementation and compliance with legal standards, working closely with all the involved parts in the project.
The 12&12 AGA - Consulting, Rehabilitation and Works, Ltd. would like to become a reference in the Azorean market, conveying to its clients trust and professionalism.

Our mission is to build a relationship of trust in the market as a symbol of professionalism and innovation, based on a package of complete solutions that help convey confidence to the customer.


07th January 2015.


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