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For those who always want to go the extra mile, they can count on SATA IMAGINE’s Credit Card.

With them, the value of all your purchases or cash advances is converted into miles, which can be exchanged for flights and upgrades on SATA and on TAP flights. Good reasons to fly, don't you think?

With SATA IMAGINE credit card or a SATA IMAGINE Gold credit card:

1 Euro on purchases = 1 mile
1 Euro in cash advances = 1 mile



SATA Blue Card
The Credit Card that gives you SATA IMAGINE miles

The Card that awards you 2 500 miles in membership, and allows you to collect miles and exchange them for plane tickets.

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SATA Gold Card
The Credit Card that gives you SATA IMAGINE miles

The Card that awards you 5 000 miles in membership, 1 mile for each euro on purchases or withdrawals on credit card and 150 miles for each 1 000 collected miles!

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New subscriptions to SATA IMAGINE credit card

If you don’t have a SATA IMAGINE Credit Card or a SATA IMAGINE Gold Credit Card, issued by Banif, request one!


For new subscriptions to SATA IMAGINE´s Credit Card 2.500 miles


Offer of 1st annuity of the card*
*Exclusively for SATA IMAGINE Credit card and 1 holder.


For new subscriptions to SATA IMAGINE´s Gold Credit Card = 5.000 miles

What it is the SATA IMAGINE´s Credit Card?

This card was created jointly by Banif and SATA. It allows its members to convert the value of their purchases into miles, which can be used for flights. The SATA IMAGINE cards and SATA IMAGINE Gold of Banif, allows you to make purchases in all establishments, national or international, adhering to the VISA network. Allows to perform operations cash advance, in Portugal and abroad in all ATM´s, as well as, the branches offices adhering to the Visa network. These credit cards come equipped with electronic security chip and especially cut for the blind.

Intended for whom?

For all of the clients and non-clients of Banif;
Individual older than 18 and companies;
Residents in portuguese territory.


SATA IMAGINE´s Credit Card
ANNUITY: € 30 (includes tax) - 1st holder; € 15 (includes tax) - 2nd holder
APR plus tax of 18,1% for the use of €1.500 credit limit, for the period of 12 months with a APR of 13,90%

ANNUITY: € 65 (includes tax)
APR plus tax 18,4% for the use of €2.500 credit limit, for the period of 12 months with a APR of 12,87%


- SATA offices;
- BANIF agencies.


- Purchase value and cash advance converted in miles: 1€ = 1 mile;
- Offer of the first SATA IMAGINE’s Credit Card annuity, to the 1st holder;
- Offer of 150 miles when monthly accomplishing 1.000 miles with the SATA IMGINE’s Gold Credit Card;
- Payment flexibility;
- Payment options: 5%, 10%, 30%, 50%, 75%, 100% or Fixed Value;
- Interest-free credit between 20 and 50 days every month;
- Security – mandatory use of the PIN to validate transactions;
- Possibility of the Card’s Cancellation in case of loss or robbery;
- Control – remittance of the monthly extract;
- Complete and associated insurance package.


- Individual accidents;
- Civil Responsibility when travelling;
- Loss, mislay, theft, robbery or forgery of the card; assault or robbery in ATM.

For more information, go to a BANIF Agency, access to http://www.banif.pt/ or call 808 200 200.