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Environmental Culture

Environmental Management

SATA’s activities are based on the commitment to preserve the environment, particularly within a more and more competitive context, which requires resource optimisation. Since it is essential for management policies to also be directed towards a growing environmental responsibility, SATA has established an Integrated Policy for Safety and Occupational Health and the Environment, where it undertakes to:
Continuously improve its environmental performance;
Minimise the negative effects resulting from the company’s overall activity;
Invest on technical means and develop processes in order to achieve a greater environmental compatibility;
Engage and train employees and their representatives for the importance of adopting good environmental practices;
Ensure legal compliance in terms of the environment.


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Did you know that in 2012 SATA became the first Portuguese airline with a certified Safety and Occupational Health and Environmental Integrated Management System?

With the awarding of this certification by APCER - Associação Portuguesa de Certificação, SATA became the first Portuguese airline to obtain this qualification, according to standards NP EN ISO 14001:2004, which concludes two years of hard work and commitment towards providing the company’s activity with certain quality standards with a view to the excellence of its services.
The basis of certification for environment and security that, from now on, SATA integrates in its services, is based on the commitment to have and maintain best practices in preserving the environment, improving health and safety conditions in the work place. The process of certification covered all establishments managed by the company located in the Azores, Madeira and mainland Portugal, as well as the active involvement of its employees, including top management. Following this certification, SATA developed the Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental guidelines, which establishes the adopted means for ensuring SATA’s safety, occupational health, and environmental management.
The certification places SATA as a benchmark in these areas, the result of which will be directly linked to the commitment of employees with the culture, values, mission, and goals of the organisation.

’This certification is a clear and unequivocal testimony that SATA is not limited to only complying with the relevant legislation in these important areas, but rather adopts, in a proactive and committed manner, the best management practices on these matters (…). SATA’s posture in adopting the best management practices has been a prerogative that cuts across its entire operations and derives from the huge respect for its social, environmental and economic responsibility.’

António Menezes, CEO of SATA

The development and implementation of the Integrated Management System entailed the detailed mapping and systematic assessment of environmental aspects and impacts, which resulted from SATA’s activity. Hence, actions and initiatives have been developed in order to control and mitigate these negative effects, which focused on the following four principles:

Optimise resource consumption:
Efficiency and You (SATA Air Açores);
Dynamic Efficiency Project (SATA Internacional);
Monitoring fuel, electricity, and water consumption in aerodromes;
Install meters in emergency generators;
Storage of oil and chemical products in detention ponds.
  Mitigate climate changes:
Carbon emission monitoring guidelines;
Preventive maintenance and regular vehicle inspections;
Emission assessment for volatile organic compounds (VOC);
Measurement of gaseous discharge from the paint cabin burners.

Reduce waste production and the impact of discharges on the environment:
Awareness campaigns for paper reduction / recycling;
Conditions for the separation / conditioning of recoverable solid waste on board SATA Internacional;
Separate collection of aerodrome waste;
Inspection on equipment containing refrigerant gas;
Installation of oil separators;
Overflow retention;
Permits for wastewater discharge.
  Preserve biodiversity:
Cooperation protocol between Azorina and SATA;
SATA Forest;
United Nations Decade on Biodiversity project.

Environmental protection costs | 27 834 €  
In addition, SATA intends to ensure that suppliers and service providers are ruled according to SATA’s principles – formalised in the Environmental and Safety Rules for service providers – by means of audits and training at SATA regarding Environment and Safety.   SATA is associated with the Fly Greener initiative developed by IATA, thus promoting environmental sustainability within the sector.

Fly Greener

Develop and implement the proper methodology for monitoring electricity, water, and fuel consumption;

Obtain energy certifications for all buildings (Terminals of São Jorge, Graciosa, Pico, Flores and Corvo).