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Safety and Quality SATA Internacional

It is SATA Internacional Corporate Safety and Quality Policy to develop and improve strategies and processes that allows that our activity to be guided by the highest levels of Safety and is in compliance with Aviation Regulation.

Therefore, it is my commitment as Accountable Manager to:
1 – A SMS Implementation – The establishment of a corporate and integrated system for all sectors of our activity that allows a continuing management of our Safety standards.
2 – The Safety culture promotion – make all employees aware for the importance and value of Safety in our activity. Make available relevant Safety information and training to all.
3 – Safety Responsibility - To commit myself as ultimate responsible for Safety. Every employee must be aware that each individual contributes actively for Safety of our operation and that we are all responsible for our acts. All of us are responsible to comply with applicable laws, regulation and procedures in all location where operations are conducted.
4 – Resources provision – To make available all necessary resources for the accomplishment of this Policy.
5 – Internal occurrence reporting facilitation – To allow that all of us can report any occurrence that in their opinion may identify hazards for the Safety or that may contribute for Safety improvement. The report may be in a confidential or anonymous basis and will not have any punitive propose.
6 – Risk management – To minimize the risk associated with aircraft operation and establishing and monitoring goals related with minimum Safety levels.
7 – Safety assurance – To continue monitoring levels of Safety and ensure that all necessary corrective and preventive actions are taken.
8 – Continuing improvement of ours standards – To monitor our processes allowing a continuing improvement.
The implementation of this Policy becomes only possible with all employee participation. Thus, I’m counting with your active cooperation. All contributes are fundamental elements to ensure the improvement of our Safety standards.

António Gomes de Menezes
SATA Internacional
Accountable Manager