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Welcome to the Azores Aeronautical Training Academy

The Azores Aeronautical Training Academy aims at providing SATA and the Autonomous Region of the Azores with adequate means for the training , theoretical and practical, for crew and ground personnel that support the air transportation of passengers and cargo, training and support personnel for the activity of air transportation of passengers and cargo, in accordance with current legal requirements.

The training provided at the Aeronautical Training Academy consists of theory and practical activities, allowing the trainees to perform exercises in a realistic environment (using simulators) and, thus, demonstrate their technical skills.

The training academy is comprised of classrooms, emphasizing training in the use of emergency equipment and personal protective equipment, which are typically used by air crew in emergency situations on board of aeroplanes.

It is also equipped with emergency doors simulators, a live fire and synthetic smoke trainer to train personnel in fire fighting techniques, including the A320 and A340 evacuation slides for emergency and rescue scenarios.

This Aeronautical Academy is equipped with a simulator for cabin crew service and operational training. Regarding the handling activity, the academy offers a check-in and sales counter simulator, allowing for the validating of the skills needed for passenger assistance.