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Flights to Azores from Boston

If you want an enriching trip, which you will never forget, the Azores are your destination.

These islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean have a certain mystique due to its idyllic landscapes. Due to the past isolation of the archipelago and the different cultures and nationalities of its settlers, the Azorean islands have a rich cultural diversity, which makes each island a new world waiting to be explored. In the Azores you will find landscapes of unparalleled beauty, monuments carved in stone expelled by volcanoes, museums that will take you back in time, animals unique in the world, a gastronomy stuffed of intense flavors and people who will receive you with arms wide open. All the necessary ingredients for a dream trip.

Population  |  246 746 (2011)

Language  |  Portuguese

Currency  |  Euro €

Country  |  Portugal

Area  |  2 333 km2

Time zone  |  UTC-1

Getting to the Azores

If you’d like to revisit family and friends in Azorean soil, SATA offers flights to the Azores from Boston, throughout the year, to S. Miguel and Terceira with possibility of visiting the remaining islands through air links that SATA Air Açores has available to the entire archipelago. SATA has partnerships with Porter Airlines, Virgin America and Westjet, so that you can easily and conveniently travel to the Azores

To easily and quickly get your ticket, just access our website www.sata.pt, fill out the booking form with your information and choose the dates that best suit your convenience.

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