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Checked Baggage

Limitations S4:

Passengers Weight Concept 
Allowance Max. weight per pieces
Executive or SATA Plus Class 30 Kg 32 Kg
Goldsky +10 Kg than paid class allowance
Trade +10 Kg than paid class allowance
Economy Class 20 Kg 32 Kg
Babies (INF) 10 Kg 32 Kg
Max. number of pieces Max. weight per piece Max. total weight allowance
Executive Class 2 32 Kg (70lbs) 64 Kg (141 lbs)
Economy Class Light 0 (without baggage allowance)
Smart 1 23 Kg (50lbs) 23 Kg (50Lbs)
Value 2 23 Kg (50lbs) 46 Kg (101Lbs)
Babies Light 0 (without baggage allowance)
Value/Smart 1 10 Kg (22Lbs) 10 Kg (22Lbs)
Goldsky +1 piece than paid class allowance (except when travelling with Light or Smart brand)
Trade +1 piece than paid class allowance (except when travelling with Light or Smart brand)

Limitations SP:

Passengers Weight Concept
Allowance Max. weight per pieces
Goldsky +10 Kg than paid class allowance 32 Kg
Economy Class 20 Kg
Babies (INF) 10 Kg

The free baggage allowance is the limit in weight and/or volume of baggage that a passenger can transport as checked baggage without extra cost. Baggage that exceeds the allowance stipulated is subject to an excess baggage fee.

Volumes with weight greater than 23 Kg must be tagged as heavy baggage and the actual baggage weight should be indicated on the tag, during check-in.

When travelling with infants or children it will be allowed to transport, free of charge, a baby stroller/basket and a baby chair as checked baggage.

To carry baggage exceeding the maximum allowable weight per volume, a reservation for excess baggage must be made at booking time. This baggage is subject to an handling fee.

All baggage must be labeled with the passenger’s name and contact information.

Charter flights can accept baggage under a different rule.

NOTE: For golf and diving equipment it should be added an additional allowance of 15 kg (in weight concept) or 1 extra volume with 15 kg (in piece concept) over the free baggage allowance. In case of travelling with Brand Light, no additional allowance shall be granted.