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Handling Faial

Airport Information 
Time UTC -1
Latitude 38 31 12N
Longitude 028 42 59W
Elevation/ REF temperature 118 FT (36 M) / 23,9º C (AUG)
Type Traffic Permited IFR/VFR
Mag. Variation / Annual Change 12º W (2006) / 0,17º Decreasing
Island Group Central
Operating Hours 08h00/18h30 Winter (LT) / 08h00/20h00 Summer (LT)
Category for fire fighting CAT 6
Daylight Saving Time Last Sunday of March to Last Sunday of October


Runway identification number 10 and 28
Dimensions 1595*45
Surface Asphalt
PCN  39/F/C/X/T


Fuel/Oil types JET A1
Fuel contacts (+351) 964 393 914 / (+351) 924 485 383 / (+351) 964 406 707 / (+351) 926 790 108 (superintendent)
Fuelling facilities/capacity 2 Trucks - 1x Capacity 20.000 litres; 1x Capacity 14.000 litres; delivery rate - 600 (reel)-900 (deck) Litres per minute


Caution Danger of collision with birds during taxiing, landing and take-off.
Aerodrome qualified for night operations


Handling Services Yes No
ATC Flight Filing x  
NOTAM Briefings x  
Route Weather Briefing x  
Catering Arrangements x  
Ground Transportation x  
Crew and Pax Accommodations x  
Local Supervision x  
Ground Handling Services x  
Customs and Immigration Services Assistance x  
Cargo and Baggage Services x  
VIP Terminal Lounge x  


Handling Contacts
Handling Station Management: Lurdes Nunes
Mobile: (+351) 918 822 576 / (+351) 919 366 736
Phone: (+351) 292 202 312
Email: horklsp@sata.pt
Ground Freq. VHF VHF 131.50


Handling EQPT'S Yes No Max. high Tons
Loader x   2,90m 3,6
Airpower x   x x
Forklift x   3,15m 1,8
Aircraft Steps x   5,80m x
Ground Power 120 KVA
 x x x
Ground Power 90 KVA x   x x
Portable water service x   x x
LAV Services x   x x


Island Contacts  Yes  No
 Caterer  x  
 5 Stars Hotel    x
4 Stars Hotel x  
3 Stars Hotel x  
Rent Car x  


Things To Do
Sports and Leisure Paintball Rent-a-Yatch
Horse riding Paragliding Gastronomic Routs
Gymnasiums Hiking Squash
Canoeing Cruises Surf/Bodyboard
Sailing Jeep Tours Tennis
Birds Watching Quad Tours Therapy Massages
Whale Watching Golf Shooting
Scuba-diving Big Game Fishing Windsurf


Useful Links
ANAC - Autoridade Nacional da Aviação Civil
ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal
NAV - Navegação Aerea de Portugal
 Ipma - Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera
IATA - International Air Transport Association
ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
AIP Portugal





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